Rodent Control

Rodent Control

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Keep Rodents Out From Your Property With Edge’s Rodent Control


Creepy, disgusting, and destructive, rodents have no place in your homes or workplaces. Common rodents’ species like rats and mice pose threats to both health and property. Once these creatures enter your property, they’re difficult to remove. Rodents carry a wide range of diseases- from common allergies to deadly infections. Wooden structure, plastic, aluminum and even glass fall prey to the constant growing incisors of rodents.

If you spot one rat or mouse, the chances of having more are great. Rodents are quick breeders; an adult mouse can reproduce up to 200 offspring in a year. So, only a few mice are enough to create a full infestation situation. Easy access to food and water, plenty of hiding spaces, safe place to breed and the perfect temperature to thrive, these are some major factors that make your home or office, a perfect paradise for rodents.

Don’t compromise with your safety and comfort; Edge pest control is here to help. Known for quality services, we are specialized in protection against unwanted pests and rodents. Our Pest and Rodent Control Program is specially designed to provide you complete protection by exterminating and control pests activities.

Edge Pest Control- Quality Service and Friendly Approach

Edge Pest Control is a locally owned and operated company providing the leasing pest and rodent control services for both residential and commercial customers in Kansas City and surrounding areas. The company offers award-winning pest control, extermination, rodent control, and mosquitoes services to customers.

Our technicians are Qualitypro Accredited and Certified Entomologists. From removing everyday pests such as spiders, ants, fleas, and bed-bugs, to eliminating the tougher pests such as rodents, wasps, and mosquitoes from your property, our products, technologies, and methods are highly effective. We focus on eco-friendly approaches to minimize the side-effects of pesticides to the earth’s natural resources, humans, and pets’ health and property safe. To ensure each customer gets complete satisfaction, we offer a 100% guarantee on our all services.

Serves Offer by Edge Pest Control

Edge Pest Control offers comprehensive Pest Protection and Prevention Services to protect your property. We offer a range of quality services include:

  • Mosquitoes Protection Program
  • Bedbugs Protection Program
  • Fleas Protection Program
  • Cockroaches Protection Program
  • Rodent Control Program
  • Other Pest Control Services

Pest and Rodent Control Program

Our innovative protection plan to protect your house form common pests includes ants, spiders, cockroaches, wasps, mice, voles, and more. Our plan includes extermination and control, our professional technicians will perform initial extermination, continuous control treatments, and frequent property inspections to remove and prevent pests infestations from occurring.

Targeted pests include:

AntsMud DaubersCentipedes and EarwigsSilverfish
Fire AntsCricketsMiceRoaches
HornetsFleasTicksAnd More!

Rodent Control Services

With the latest technologies and pest control products, Edge Pest Control provides you effective and lasting rodent control. All of our technicians are QualityPro Accredited and our staff has Associate Certified Entomologists to identify the pest accurately. We use child and pet-friendly products, so you don’t need to leave while we perform our treatment.

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Edge Pest Control combines the 13 years of knowledge, expertise, good honest hard work, and training in its services to deliver the best services experience possible. So, whenever you need a reliable, safe, and effective pest control services; contact us on our 24/7 toll-free helpline. You can also send us an email; our team will get back to you.