Termite Control

Termite Control

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Termites are generally less common than any other pestsbut don’t take them in light because they can cause a lot of damage in comparison to any other pests. Sometimes one need to change their structural integrity because they gnaw wood, floor, and even wallpaper, without even noticing!

All in all, they are a threat to you like any other pest. And the worst part is you usually can’t see them, as they are hard to detect. That is why you need to seek services from the pest control serviceproviders.

Types Of Termites

A homeowner deal with 2 main types of termites, and they each come with their own set of challenges.

  • Subterranean Termite
  • DrywoodTermite

Sign Of Termites

Since termite acts like silent assassins because of that it’s harder to detect.But with the help of these signs, you can inspect your home. If there is any sign that is similar to the mentioned term, then you need to call pest control right away.

  • Wood damage
  • Frass
  • Mud tubes
  • Swarmers

Well, termites are not dangerous for your health, they don’t transmit any disease.But yes,they are dangerous for your home. Having them in your house that means soon you are going to pay a lot of money in repairs if you didn’t take strong action at present for Termite Control.

Do You Know?

According to the recent study, termite infestations can cause more than $6 billion in property damage each year. YES, you heard it right! And many insurance policies don’t cover termite damage.So, it’s better to take action for Termite Control on time and for that seek the bestpest control service providers. Before it’s too late.

Why Professional Is Good For This Job?

Well, it is good if you want to tackle this problem on your own, but to find them and remove termites requires special skills. As they hide in a critical area which is hard to identify or access. To detect them requires special skills &kit such as large-capacity spray tanks, powerful masonry drills, and long metal rods for inserting soil. On the other hand, drywood termites,often require a different type of treatment. All in all, for Termite Control you need expert help.

Why Choose Us?

Well, as there are several pest services providers are available at the market then why will you choose us? The question is right. And we will give you the short details that why Edge Pest Control is best among any other service providers. Most of the services providers offer different types of treatment methods and warranties. So, here is ours:

  • We have a license to work in this field.
  • We will give you satisfaction in Termite Control services.
  • Our products are already tested and are completely safe.
  • We also give emergency services and will not ask for additional charges.
  • During the warranty period, we give the free services of infested areas.
  • We completely kill termites,not like any other pest control provider that just prevents them.
  • We deliver highly effective, hassle-free, and safe treatment.